England vs. Switzerland UEFA Euro 2024: Predictions, Betting Odds, and Key Insights

England vs. Switzerland UEFA Euro 2024: Predictions, Betting Odds, and Key Insights

England vs. Switzerland: A Clash in the UEFA Euro 2024 Quarterfinals

As the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament heats up, all eyes are on the upcoming quarterfinal match between England and Switzerland. This highly anticipated game will take place at the Dusseldorf Arena, where fans are eager to see which team will advance to the semifinals. Both teams have shown remarkable resilience and skill throughout the tournament, and this match promises to be a thrilling encounter.

England's Path to the Quarterfinals

England, entering the match as the favorites with +120 odds on the 90-minute money line, has had a rollercoaster journey to the quarterfinals. They secured their berth with a dramatic 2-1 comeback victory over Slovakia in extra time. This win showcased England's ability to remain composed under pressure and their knack for turning the game around, even when faced with adversity. The team, historically strong against Switzerland with 18 wins and five draws in their last 24 encounters, aims to maintain their dominance.

England's team has been exceptional in maintaining possession, ranking third in the tournament with 60.5% possession rate. This ability to control the game has allowed them to dictate the pace and create numerous scoring opportunities. However, their journey has not been without challenges. The suspension of key player Marc Guehi poses a significant uncertainty for their defense. Guehi, known for his defensive prowess, has been a cornerstone of England's backline, and his absence will undoubtedly be felt.

Switzerland's Surprising Journey

On the other hand, Switzerland enters the quarterfinals as the underdogs with +280 odds. However, their performance in the tournament so far has been nothing short of remarkable. The Swiss team has remained unbeaten in 2024, boasting four wins and four draws. Their most notable victory came against Italy, a game that saw them pull off a spectacular upset. This triumph has instilled a high level of confidence within the squad, making them a formidable opponent for any team.

Switzerland's attacking prowess is also noteworthy. They are tied for third in goals scored with seven, demonstrating their ability to find the back of the net consistently. Their offense will be looking to capitalize on any weaknesses in the England defense, particularly with Guehi's suspension. This game presents a unique opportunity for Switzerland to leverage their attacking strengths and potentially exploit England's defensive vulnerabilities.

Key Players to Watch

A match of this magnitude is often decided by individual brilliance and key performances. For England, players like Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling will be crucial. Kane's ability to score from almost any position on the field and Sterling's agility and pace make them significant threats to the Swiss defense. On the other side, Switzerland will rely heavily on the likes of Xherdan Shaqiri and Breel Embolo. Shaqiri's vision and playmaking abilities, combined with Embolo's finishing skills, make them the backbone of Switzerland's attack.

Expert Analysis and Predictions

Expert analyst Martin Green has delved deep into the statistics and dynamics of both teams to offer valuable picks and forecasts for this match. According to Green, the game is set to be a closely contested battle, with both teams having clear strengths and weaknesses. England's ability to control possession and create scoring chances will be pivotal. However, they must remain vigilant against Switzerland's counter-attacks, which have proven to be quite effective throughout the tournament.

Green also highlights the importance of key player absences. For England, the suspension of Marc Guehi could tilt the balance slightly in favor of Switzerland, particularly if the Swiss can exploit the defensive gaps. Conversely, Switzerland will need to maintain their disciplined defensive structure and look for opportunities to strike on the break.

The Betting Perspective

For those looking to place bets on this match, the odds present an interesting scenario. England, the favorites, have historically performed well against Switzerland, which could make them a safe bet. However, the underdog status of Switzerland, coupled with their unbeaten run in 2024, offers a tantalizing prospect for those looking for an upset. The over/under for total goals scored is set at 1.5, indicating that this could be a relatively low-scoring affair, highlighting the importance of strong defensive play and efficient attacking.


As the countdown to the quarterfinal match between England and Switzerland continues, fans and analysts alike are preparing for what promises to be an exciting and closely fought battle. Both teams have shown exceptional skill and determination to reach this stage of the tournament. England, with their historical dominance and strong possession game, will look to maintain their edge. Switzerland, with their unbeaten record and the momentum from their victory over Italy, will aim to continue their Cinderella story in UEFA Euro 2024.

Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this match is sure to offer plenty of drama and excitement. With key players on both sides ready to make their mark and expert predictions adding to the intrigue, the stage is set for a memorable encounter at the Dusseldorf Arena.

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